Unlocking 200 trillion dollars by bringing unprecedented levels of accessibility and liquidity to the most inaccessible and illiquid market.

Market Positioning

In the world of investments, the real value is essentially risk mitigation. Our mechanism offers unprecedented risk to ROI values, putting us on top of the list of choices for investors. We also have the technology that gives our investors excessive liquidity advantages by allowing the trading and selling of any portion of their real estate anytime, ensuring the safest investment and ensuring cero dependance, cero market manipulation, complete freedom.

Product Summary

Real estate is known as one of the safest and most straightforward investments, but up until today, it was an illiquid asset. Many wealth management firms, hedge funds, broker-dealers, and financial advisors do not consider it much for the single fact of lack of liquidity, and they opt to rather invest in collateralized debt, but we all know the high risks associated to debt and the high restrictions and fees for capital withdrawal. Technology has opened a portal that allows for investment in any asset through a digitalized mechanism. Essentially, an asset-backed “digital share” is created and offered to investors in
quantities of thousands, meaning that the asset has been divided into thousands of fractions and each digital “share” gives the investor the ownership of such asset. Hence the investor can purchase any desired fraction of the asset, hold it and sell it in whole or in fractions of up to three decimal places.

Because this digital “share” can be traded just like stock or securities, there are trading platforms for authorized investors. This digital shares are in fact securities and are fully SEC and regulatory compliant. In conclusion, you will be able to purchase and trade pieces of a real estate asset just like you’re able to trade the stocks of a corporation. what can these unprecedented levels of accessibility and liquidity do for your client’s money when applied to real estate? Just imagine!



Choose among our variety of digitalized real estate portfolios.

We have a variety of products in a variety of geographical markets.


Get white listed.

Investors must get white listed prior to acquiring the digital assets. Easy process that we can help you through.


Set up a digital wallet for your investors.

The digital assets will be traded through this wallet but can be stored safely offline on a hard wallet.


Participte in the STO.

The sale being held privately or publicly for investors to purchase the securities or digital assets.


Hold and trade the digital asset deliberately.

Our Products

We have developed or are currently developing different products for investors to consider.

Invest in a pool of over 200 properties in America’s hottest buyers market with the highest up potential. Investors will
own 100% of the properties while they will be managed and rented by a leasing company. Receive monthly payments
as the digital asset is programmed to automatically pay monthly rent dividends to their holders. (Product is available now)

Invest in a pool of over 100 properties that sit on solid markets worldwide with less up potential but extremely
solid. The pool is distributed across the worlds strongest markets, diluting the risk by geographic variety. The property owners own 50% or less while keeping the right to occupy the property. Investors own 50% or more. No monthly dividends. Occupant is not allowed to trade their % and has to pay the property tax. (Summer 2019)

Invest in a new development project for 15 high-end properties on an exclusive location in the Caribbean, valued
in over $200m. The digital asset is backed by the project, you will make a one time profit of 50% or more due to purchasing in the pre-construction stage. The digital asset is burned after profits are paid to its holders. (Fall 2019)


How does the price of the digital asset balances and stays accurate per the property’s value if it trades on its own market?

The tangible value of the properties is governed by the market of all the properties surrounding it. If you own 25% of a real estate asset that is worth $1m, would you trade it for much less than $250k? No. This is why the trade market should behave directly proportional to the real estate market. However, because of the enhanced accessibility, there’s a possibility that the digitalized properties may develop their own market and gain more value than those traditional properties around them. More accessibility, more demand, hence a new up potential is created.

How do you get title insurance on a property that’s owned by many investors?

The digitalizing mechanism has an identity and an EIN of its own, which is embedded in its software when created. Therefore, the digital mechanism itself is the title policy-holder, and from that point on the title is locked as no individual will directly own it anymore, therefore it will remain clean forever. Individuals will rather own the digital assets which own the title, and which is divided into thousands.

What if the property tax is not paid by the occupant?

In the scenario where the occupant will own 50% or less, they would pay the tax while holding the right to occupy the property. When the occupant fails to pay, the digital assets that he holds will automatically consume themselves by a smart contract embedded into them.

The Solution to the modern economy

Removing the problem from the equation.

The economy thrives with an essential ingredient which is access to capital. Access to capital is acquired through debt, but the debt will always eventually lead to the creation of fake capital that will never get paid back, hence the financial bubbles, and this is no secret. But if we take debt away there would be no financial bubbles, but there wouldn’t be a thriving economy either because there wouldn’t be any access to capital.

But what if there’s a new access to capital through another mechanism that is the only real existing value or capital, and we could move away from debt? By digitalizing real estate, we are unlocking trillions in value, real value! And through accessibility, we are opening the portal to worldwide capital to flood into our market, and capital that DOES NOT NEED TO GET PAID BACK. In conclusion, for the first time in history, we have access to capital while eliminating debt.


Eng. Omar Caraballo

Founder & CEO

Civil Engineer and founder of multiple companies in the Engineering, design and construction industry. Co-founder of Arch
App, a tech company within the shared economy and Blockchain solutions. Licensed building contractor and specialty
contractor in some of the higher quality projects in Florida such as Brickell City Centre and The Mall of SJ. Mr. Caraballo has
managed international businesses around the world, including South Korea, Panama, the USA, and the Caribbean. Extensive
experience in international business and entrepreneurship.

Kim Fernandez

Founder & COO

Blockchain expert and Co-founder of Arch App, a tech company within the shared economy and Blockchain solution.
Successful in the commercial aviation industry internationally and founder of specialized aviation companies, Mr.
Fernandez does business with world leading companies such as Lufthansa, Delta, American Airlines, Jetblue, United Airlines,
among others. He has also been getting involved deeply in the blockchain industry to be able to integrate traditional businesses in this new and world-changing technology.

Antonio Regojo P.A

Founder & Legal advisor

Antonio Regojo is the founder of Regojo Law, PA, a boutique law firm that focuses on corporate, startups, technology and
intellectual property law. Mr. Regojo has worked for over 12 years with numerous ventures in the technology sector, assisting
in various legal matters, from conceptualization through funding, as well as mergers and acquisitions.


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